Safety of Product

Crashtag™ with lanyard and magnetic clasp is designed to detach from one point at a pull of no more than 2 lbs of tension. Crashtag with ball chain is designed to break apart from any point on the chain at a pull of 25 lbs of tension. The 6″ cable with screw-down barrel is designed to be attached to clothing or accessories (hydration packs, fanny packs) and not to the user as there is no detach functionality with this option.

Quality Guarantee: Two Year Unconditional for Tag, One Year for Lanyard Systems.

We guarantee the Crashtag™ itself for defects in quality and workmanship for two years under normal use.

We guarantee the ball chain, lanyard & clasp, and the 6″ cable with screw-down barrel closure for defects in quality and workmanship for one year under normal use.

Crashtag’s™ Engraved Information

The information you submit for engraving on your titanium Crashtag is information that we are serious about guarding. We utilize 128 bit encryption on our site, and it is our avowed policy to retain this information and never to sell or otherwise transfer it to any other party with the exception of the actual process of physically engraving the tag. You accept responsibility for the accuracy and type of emergency and contact information you choose to share on your physical Crashtag.

Crashtag™ User Page Information

We urge you to put Information that you would like to share with people you meet on your Crashtag page (that’s kind of the whole point). At your invitation, a person can scan your Crashtag and arrive at your Crashtag page. From there that person may link to various ways to contact or follow you. Because of this, and even though it is behind a rather obscure code, please note that contact information you put on your Crashtag page is information you put on the internet. You accept responsibility for the accuracy and type of contact information you choose to share on your Crashtag page.

Acknowledgement of Beta Version

The product represented is a Beta release. You acknowledge that it might take a little extra time to receive Crashtag™ as the manufacturers are optimizing their systems. You further agree to fill out a questionnaire or survey as regards this product so that Elevengear may improve this product.

Acknowledging Liability:

Lastly, you acknowledge that Elevengear LLC, the maker of Crashtag™, is not responsible nor liable in any way for damages sustained by the inappropriate use of Crashtag, both with regard to the tag/lanyard systems themselves or with regard to the Crashtag user page.