Be Somebody (especially in the E.R.)

Titanium Crashtag® and Crashtag® Mini

  • Clearly holds your emergency information
  • Features iridescent laser-embedded colors in dozens of great styles
  • Comes with or without a built-in bartender-grade opener
  • Links to more of your info with a personal QR code
  • And at $29.90, it just may save your bacon.
Crashtag® and Crashtag® Mini are ID tags that are both useful and good looking – for all your adventures.

Loads of room for the important stuff.

Both Crashtag (with built-in opener) and Crashtag Mini (without) have room for 159 characters of your emergency contact and medical information, deeply laser-etched into Crashtag's surface – plenty of room to list all sorts of important info.

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Show your colorful side.

We use precision-tuned industrial lasers in a process called Laser Chromaxidography to permanently embed iridescent colors directly into Crashtag’s titanium. Select from dozens of designs, or let us do something special for you: We love making unique Crashtag art for your team or organization with quantities starting at just 15 pieces. More info

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Try this for openers.

Save your McGyver skills for solving more urgent problems – Crashtag features a dependable bartender-grade bottle opener.

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Cultivate a reputation of being easy (to reach).

Share more public information like contact info and photos on your Crashtag User Page. Simply scan the QR Code on your Crashtag to access and edit. See what a Crashtag page looks like by clicking hereor Create one for yourself.

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Make (another) meaningful connection.

Our magnetic clasp is nickel-plated hematite: strong and durable yet releases with a firm tug. Alternatively, you can go with a classic military ball chain and silencer, or cable lock for attaching to your gear. Select your color.

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Made in the USA:
hella legit & wicked cool.

Fabricated in the USA out of super strong, rustproof Al6V4 titanium, your Crashtag will ship within a week. When you need to change the info on your Crashtag, we'll get you a third off, Forever. Lastly, Crashtag is as light as four grams - almost lighter than a hummingbird turd. Just $29.90

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