The Custom Crashtag®

The custom Crashtag® is well-suited for teams, organizations and companies that people love. When your group could benefit from your color logo or artwork on the front side, and each user’s important contact and medical information on the back side, with QR Code link to social and contact info, then we think you’ll love this product!


Here’s how it works:

  • Let us know how many Crashtags you need (contact us here)
  • We’ll come up with a total for you, including shipping. We accept Paypal or credit card.
  • We’ll generate the number of prepaid coupon codes that you’ve requested.
  • Send us your artwork (vector based .pdf or ai is preferable, but we can work with whatcha got)
  • We can either send these prepaid codes to your people, or we can send the prepaid codes to you so you can manage who gets the codes and when.

What your organization gets:

  • Your organization gets the number of Crashtags you require, including lanyards, ball chains or cable with barrel closure. Individuals in your organization use the prepaid code issued to them and then they would go to our site to customize their own Crashtags on an individual basis. With our Emmy® Award-winning design and tuned laser expertise we’ll optimize your logo in iridescent color so it looks fantastic on both our Crashtag and Crashtag Mini titanium products.
  • We can make your tag public (in our main gallery) or private (only a special link gets you to your tag).
  • We’ll make it possible to order your tag directly on our site.
  • The back side of each tag has a unique embedded QR code where the user is in control of the social and contact listings that are put there. There is also an area for your organization’s artwork to link to your site. We can also create the ad artwork that lives in that space.

What it costs

  • 1-14 Crashtags are regular-priced $29.90 each plus a $150 artwork and set-up charge
  • If you order more than 15 Crashtags, they are regular priced at $29.50 and we’ll  cover the artwork and all set-up fees.
  • We offer further price breaks for larger orders of tags. Let’s start a conversation and we can tailor a program for just for your organization. Email us at or call 707-824-2007

Note number 1: If you end up requiring more Crashtags after your initial purchase we can of course issue successive batches of new prepaid codes. When your total number of prepaid codes crosses in into the next pricing tier, those prepaid codes will reflect the new lower price tier. How cool is that?

Note number 2: Regarding colors – Our iridescent colors change in saturation and value depending on your angle of view, as well as the incident angle of light, so PMS matching is not strictly speaking possible. However we pride ourselves on having the broadest spectrum of colors in the titanium marking industry, and can get representative colors that will work brilliantly thanks to our unique chromaxidographic process. 

Note number 3: Should you require a point of purchase display, we will be only too happy to accommodate you for 50 unit orders or greater.

Note number 4: For very large clients we can work with you to migrate our configurator within your site so visitors stay within your site’s experience.

Note number 5: We’re also very flexible – Our manufacturing is at our Santa Rosa CA headquarters and we manage all aspects of production. So if you have an idea that you’d like to explore, then by all means …